Sunday, June 7, 2009

Follow up on VRAOUM!

In a follow up e-mail about VRAOUM!, Bart from the University of Calgary said: "I just wanted to say that I saw this show yesterday and that it's fairly interesting. Certainly not an all-time great comics exhibition, but far superior to something like Masters of American Comics.

There is a catalogue for 35Euro but it's not very good (very little text).There is also a related special issue of Beaux Arts Magazine that is likely available from their website, which is better than the catalogue and 1/5 the price.

The current comics exhibition highlight in Paris is the Spiegelman show at Galerie Martel which opened Thursday. Lots of interesting material, some of which is still unsold. If you're interested in buying original Spiegelman art, which does not go on sale very often, there are still some lovely pieces available from about 2500Euros up to 24,000."

The Galerie Martel show Bart refers to, Art Spiegelman - From Raw Books To Toon Books, has many great images of Spiegelman's work, including the image on the left.

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