Saturday, June 20, 2009

Upcoming Speaking Gigs

Forgive me for a moment of self promotion, but there are some events coming up worth checking out:

July 19 (Sunday), 1:00. Labor Archives and Research Center at SFSU. I will be talking about the Evolution of the Arm & Hammer logo as part of Laborfest. Tom Griscom's labor landmarks photography will be included in the Laborfest Art Show opening July 9 at SOMArts. This year Laborfest includes many panels of interest to artists trying to make a living, so be sure to check out the event schedule on their site.

July 26 (Sunday), 1:00. San Diego Comic Con. Comic Art and Museums panel. I will be speaking about my new research about The Comic Art Show (1983) and a recent interview I did with John Carlin, Michael Dooley will be talking about High & Low (1990) and Masters of American Comics (2005). Mega-publisher/collector Denis Kitchen will be talking about new exhibitions and trends. We are expecting a lively discussion, so check it out. Husband Marc is also speaking on Thursday morning about CBLDF and the Superman copyright case.

I've just confirmed that I will be speaking about the history of the union label at the AFL-CIO Union Label and Service Trades Department's 100th anniversary convention which will be held in Pittsburgh on September 12th. More later.