Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Censorship and Super Bodies in IJOCA

cover of IJoCA
I'm happy to say that my article Censorship and Super Bodies: The Creative Odyssey of Margaret Harrison has been published in hard copy in the International Journal of Comic Art (Vol 13, No 2, Fall 2011 page 369).  The article is primarily focused on Harrison's Captain America series, her censored 1971 gallery show, and other aspects of her long and interesting career, concurrent with the publishing history and character development of the Captain America character. Research on this topic was inspired by Harrison's 2009 exhibition at Intersection for the Arts, and the article includes interviews with Harrison, and Kevin Chen (Art Program Director, Intersection for the Arts, SF). Unfortunately, this article scans badly, so I can't post it in IJOCA's format. Here is the article as a pdf, for anyone that is interested.

The Fall IJOCA (750 pages!) also includes a very interesting symposium on women in Manga and another exploring language and textuality. Publishing the IJOCA is a labor of love for comics scholar John A. Lent and I am always amazed that he manages to pull together this mammoth publication. Thanks to him for cornering me at PCA after my presentation last year and encouraging me to finally publish it.

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