Friday, February 12, 2016

Project Update

On Reflection: the Art of
Margaret Harrison
Of late I've been neglecting this blog because I've been focused on writing projects and my other web-site Neurotic Raven

I've recently completed "Forming a Visual Canon: Comics in Museums" for The Routledge Handbook of the Secret Origins of Comics Studies (Duncan & Smith, expected late 2016), and am working on articles about Malcolm Whyte, founder of the Cartoon Art Museum, and about the comics historian Maurice Horn.

On Reflection: the Art of Margaret Harrison is available now from Amazon (US & UK); Barnes & Noble, MIMA Bookstore (Teesside University, UK), and on Ingram (wholesale for bookstores). Harrison was recently included in Artlyst's Top 10 Feminist Artists (#4). In Beyond the Graphic Novel: Gender-Bending Feminist Superheroes," Print's Micheal Dooley says: "As police once forced Harrison’s gallery owner to remove her paintings, the book’s author, Kim Munson, had been forced by Apple not long ago to remove “objectionable” cartoons from an underground comix history iPhone app she’d produced [story here]. This and other commonalities, such as a shared passion for workers’ rights, make Munson’s accompanying commentary and interviews with the artist empathetic and engaging as well as informative."