Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Post Labor Day Ramblings

Since I'm about to head off to Pittsburgh to speak about the history of the union label movement at the 100th anniversary convention of the AFL-CIO union label department, the state of work and my frustration with the health care reform process are really on my mind. I came across this blog post on the Off-Center Views site about why strength in numbers is still a relevent concept.

Traditionally, union label week was observed over the week following Labor Day, as a way to recognize American workers. The Labor Archives at SFSU has some incredible posters from Label Week, 1948 (one example is on the left). There are more of these posted on the LARC union label on-line exhibit.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Eilish Talks Art.Tech on NBC

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The Art.Tech is at The Lab in San Francisco, 2948 16th Street (near Mission). Appropriately enough, since I'm posting this on Labor Day, the Lab is in the Redstone Building that used to be the Labor Temple (built in 1914). Congrats to Eilish on being named Exec. Director!