Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Icons of Wimmen's Comix

left to right: Lee Binswanger, Nancy Husari, Caryn Louise Leschen, Sharon Rudahl, Trina Robbins, Terry Richards, Ron Turner, Rebecka Wright, Lee Mars, Rebecca Wilson. Photo by Paul Mavrides.
The 40th Anniversary of Wimmen's Comix - 1972 - 2012. A show of original artwork is up at the San Francisco Public Library Main Branch's Art, Music and Recreation Center, on the 4th Floor through Thursday, February 7th 2013.

The SFPL's press release says: "In 1972, a group of women cartoonists in San Francisco created Wimmen's Comix, an anthology of comics by women, challenging the sexism thet faced by the male dominated comic  book publishing industry. The mission of Wimmen's Comix was to publish a comic book drawn by women cartoonists, and to leave fifty-percent of each issue open for new contributors. There was a rotating editor or co-editors and each issue had a theme. There were eighteen issues of Wimmen's Comix published by the Underground Comic Press between 1972 through 1992, and over a hundred new cartoonists saw their work in print, some for the first time. Many other titles grew out of this groundbreaking anthology, and today we are scattered in all corners of the United States and Europe.

I'm happy to see all these pioneers assembled in one place. I hope to see it myself soon and post about the actual artwork on display. Check it out!