Saturday, November 24, 2012

Save CCSF Comic & Exhibit

Illustration by Mission Mini-Comix Crew: Rio Roth-Barreiro (CCSF Alum), Mike Reger, Audrey Soffa & Justin Gorski (CCSF student). Used by permission. See Mission Mini-Comix site
The editorial cartoon above was included in an exhibition of art works commenting the accreditation crisis at City College of San Francisco, Accreditate This! which was on view in the CCSF Visual Arts building from Oct 22 - Nov 5. San Francisco Proposition A, which is referenced in the last panel, did pass in the election, along with California Proposition 30, which everyone hopes will help the schools.

The Guardman, CCSF's student run newspaper, ran an article about the show, including artist's commentary in the October 31 issue, as well as other news and editorials about the on-going issues CCSF is struggling with.