Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Big Show - Past Posts about San Diego Comic-Con

Since I started this blog in 2008, I've posted about events at San Diego Comic-Con International pretty much every year. Following is a year by year recap with links:

2012 - In 2012, I was fascinated with the Steam Punk phenomenon. Here are interviews with Matthew J. Daly, writer for the Steam Punk inspired Bruce Boxleitner series Lantern City (will have a big panel at SDCC this year) and an interview with ace comic artist Darick Robertson about his Image Comics project Oliver! The Comic Arts Conference supplied a rich group of panels on many topics including Kirby, Morrison, female cartoonists and Canada.  I interviewed Randy Duncan and Matthew Smith, who hosted a stellar panel of scholars that contributed to their Eisner nominated book Critical Approaches to Comics. Photo Gallery.

Unknown fan seduces us with the
force at SDCC 2012
2011 - In 2011, I was really wrapped up in the launch on the Comix Classics: Underground Comix app. Michael Dooley interviewed me at SDCC about the censorship issues we were experiencing with Apple while launching the app.

2010 - Commentary on the Wonder Woman relaunch by JMS and the CAC Action Chicks panel. Ray Bradbury turns 90. Marc Greenberg speaks about Kirby litigation. Photo Gallery.

2009 - Writers & Artists: Bradbury, Kitchen, Robbins, Oliphant, Chin, Lopresti, Green Lantern/Blackest Night. Kevin Sorbo on Manistee, Michigan where I grew up. I speak on Comics & Museums, Marc Greenberg speaks on Superman litigation. Photo Gallery.

2008 - General recap: Mike Turner tribute, Nathan Fillion, Comic Arts Conference.

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