Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ronald Searle, Ray Bradbury at 90

This Channel 4 News clip interviews British artist Ronald Searle an the occasion of the opening of a tribute exhibition at the Cartoon Art Museum (London) as he turns 90 (!) Coverage includes an extensive feature article in this month's ArtNews by William Feaver (not on-line at this time).

Weller & Bradbury
Also turning 90 is Ray Bradbury (pictured here with his biographer Sam Weller), the author responsible for my interest in reading science fiction.  At the San Diego ComiCon, where he has been a guest every year since the convention started 41 years ago, the standing room only crowd gave him multiple standing ovations, and sang "happy birthday" to him before leaving.

During Q & A time, people often get sort of teary and thank him for being such an inspiration. A couple years ago, someone asked "how does it feel to know that you've inspired all these young writers." With a expansive wave to the audience he said, "You are all my bastard children, and I love you."  We love you too Ray.


  1. One of the highlights of my first SDCC was standing in Artists' Alley chatting with a friend, when a voice bellowed, "make way, make way, make way for Ray Bradbury!" As his assistant wheeled him by, we applauded and thanked him for his work. He gave us a "yeah, it's cool" smile and moved on.
    BTW, Stan Lee is 90 too!

  2. Stan was there in multiple sessions, signings and projects. There's a photo of him with Todd McFarlane in the slideshow I posted earlier. He kind of rambled, but I suppose I would too if I was committed in that many places at once (I do anyway :-)